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Your Partner In Laboratory -
Leading the Way in Innovative Smart Laboratory

Since 2002, Labware Group has been a pioneer in Laboratory industry. From the development of consumable business to the introduction of "One Stop Shop" concept, Labware Group has taken a leadership position to contribute to the industry's substantial growth.  Whenever our clients think of laboratory solutions, they would think about us. "To Be Your Partner in Laboratory"

In 2020s, Labware Group continues its business expansion and has. established service points in the United Kingdom, which became the fourth region where Labware Group has a presence.


Our new commitment in 2020s are to pursuing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals has led us to upgrade our business direction and become a supplier of Innovation Smart Laboratory products. By prioritizing ESG considerations, we aim to provide laboratory solutions that are not only efficient and effective but also sustainable and socially responsible.

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Our Services

We are your best "One Stop Shop"​ for all your laboratory needs.


Our products and services are now available for users in the United Kingdom. Contact us for a wide range of essential laboratory supplies, including consumables, chemicals, general equipment, analytical instruments, and furnitures.

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